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    Winter season

    Winter season is going to be $2,375 per team

    Payments will be posted here

    SBSHL Sub List


    All players for the next season will need to register at the Ice Box through DaySmart at this link:

    For Team Managers:
    Registering a Private Team
    Inviting Players to a Team
    Assigning Team Dues

    For Players:
    Joining a Team/Accepting a Player

    To sign up to be a sub:


    Should you run into any problems please email Phil at


    Captains will be handling the division of payment amount their teams. Payment can be made:

    • Online or at the Ice Box through DaySmart by credit card. There is a 3% transaction fee.
    • Via cash or check at the Ice Box.
    • Mailed to the Ice Box:

      1421 S. Walnut
      South Bend, IN 46619

    All checks should be made out to the Ice Box




    2022 Spring/Summer session

    Based on the feedback, and it was minimal, I am going to do two 10 game sessions, and most teams will probably play both, but it will help ease the collections and paying it all up front.  Of course if you want to collect it all, that works too. 


    Lets spell out the costs......

    Ice is $350 an hour, $60 for refs.  Split per team, per game is $205.   We have to chip in for the security outside, so $75 a team.   Sax tax is $15, which covers our website and the ref scheduler, etc... I collected for our insurance in the fall.  $205 @ 10 games is $2,050 + $75 + $15 =  $2,140     So $2,140 for each 10 game session. Got it??? I would say the first session starts April 11th and the second one starts mid June through August.


    Lets talk scheduling.... 

    Both rinks will be up at minimum, until the end of April.  The hockey 4 life tournament is that weekend and we wont be scheduling games that Sunday.    If there is enough teams playing this summer we might be able to keep both rinks up longer.  Speaking of Sundays, I have gotten some feedback that people would play the session, but wanted to avoid sundays.   Guys Boat, golf, softball, etc........we can make an attempt to avoid days, but when teams have to play the teams that DO want to play on sundays, its going to happen on occasion.   There will be no games on saturdays, but there will be some friday night games.  Some guys enjoyed that grilling outside and drinking beer on a friday night. Since the senior league is pretty much the main user in the summer, we have greater flexibility to have teams avoid or play on those nights.  You'll just have to let Christien know your preferences.




    Spring/summer season starts 4/11/2022




    Games on stream

    Game On Stream is down for the summer. It will come back up around the same time Rink #1 is ready to skate.


    Pro shop hours can be found on their website

    Please contact the shop with any questions

    Jeff Sax

    Hockey Commissioner

    Phone: 219-898-5705 cell 269-281-4200 work