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    You can also use venmo for no fee   @Jeff-Sax

    Payments can be mailed to the rink as well


    C/o The ice box

    1421 S. Walnut st

    South Bend, IN 46619


    Fall/Winter 2021 Roster and free agent list


    07/16/2021 Captains meeting recap

    • We still have 78 games to schedule for summer and with one rink, Notre dame still closed and IYHL coming back, we will probably finish the summer session into September because of that we will probably start fall session either last week of September or October 1st   Rink 2 comes up Sept 19th.
    • We will run another 10-12 game session from January into March/April  AFTER the short 12 game session.   If notre dame comes back up we can probably do more games.
    • 12 game session, $2850,  one check for all fees, due by September 1st.    Those who fail to find a team, or are on a team with deadbeats, do have the option of entering a draft individually, but I think, and I could be wrong, that most people will join as a team.   I will need rosters from the captain.   There will be free agents that I will share with everyone in case guys want to pick up people.  You have a month and a half to collect.   It shouldn't  be hard and nobody has any excuse or my sympathy    
    • Those with surpluses from summer will carry over
    • Rosters limited to 20 guys  I want to weed out the guys who never commit but then happen to sub every game and contribute nothing
    • STILL no spitting on the bench and there will be a $50 fine per team if caught
    • Going to have 5 divisions A, B, C, D, Rec  We split the teams, but lets see where everyone fits.  I counted 35 teams, but if I missed someone let me know.  Please excuse my 3rd grade penmanship 
    • New sub rule.    If you bring in a non rostered sub, that is too good for the division, the other team has to option of taking that sub for the game and giving the other team one of their players. If teams bring in ringers, you risk the possibility of having to play against them.    I don't think this will be an issue in the A and B league, but in Rec and D it will be probably be used more.   We can probably institute this now instead of waiting for the fall session to start.
    • There will no game cancellations and if guys don't field a team, they will lose 3 games.   Bottom line, get subs  We will do our best to schedule games on the requested dates, but it might conflict with other games on the other rink
    • game request dates need to go into Chris Sandnas   He will be doing the schedule and has been this summer
    • We agreed to have games Friday and Saturday nights, and even to be scheduled during Notre dame football games. (Again these meetings are for you to voice your opinion, if you're not there you can't be heard) The overwhelming majority of those in attendance said playing games during Notre Dame football games wasn't an issue. 
    • Since Notre dame is still closed there will be games Thursday night.  If they open we can still run ice those nights and Chris asks if captains let them know if those night are available for them to play at the rink.  Some teams have players that play there and some don't, so keep in mind we might have games those nights.
    • If you see broken rink doors, extremely hot showers, things in the building that need maintenance, etc... Email michelle or myself so it can be shared so it can be fixed.
    • The rink is working on underwriting the games on stream cameras, so that players will have access to them......thats date TBD when that goes into effect
    • On the occasion that we play simultaneously with youth  or High school playing in the building on the other sheet, we ask that guys keep the beer in the locker room, please don't drink it in the lobby.  You are allowed to have it but just keep it under wraps.    Don't ruin it for everyone.
    • Martins which runs the concession stand and might be putting tables on the balcony on rink 1, not sure what the hours will be but when I find out, I will share They might run into our time and would be nice to have a pizza on the balcony watching another game
    • boot camp dates to be determined and I will share once I have them.    You can reach out to Chris if you have any ideas




    Start collecting guys!!!!


    Pro shop hours can be found on their website

    Please contact the shop with any questions

    Jeff Sax

    Hockey Commissioner

    Phone: 219-898-5705 cell 269-281-4200 work

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