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Spring session is postponed with no definitive end time in sight.   Some people seem unaffected with whats going on and some aren't.   I work in the Healthcare field managing 70 nursing homes in 8 states.  More on the financial side, but still in tune with what is going on out there.  My company is working from home for the time being, and many of you are as well.


Rink 1 is down and rink 2 will be going down shortly.   I don't know if its public knowledge, but I really want to be honest with people.   It makes no sense hiding this from our players. There is a rink in spain that is being used as a morgue because of the virus.   Think of this as a silver lining.


Politics aside, we wont be playing anytime soon.   With the scare, youth tournaments cancelled and with both governors from both Michigan and Indiana basically shutting down non essential businesses the rink made a decision to close as well temporarily.   The South Bend mayor pretty much did the same thing.   Whether one could argue that an ice rink is an essential business can be entertained, but we aren't playing for at least a month or possibly longer. Might be a good time to rest your knees or hips that have been abused all these years. I can tell you nobody wants to play more than I do, and I will be monitoring this very closely.


I would tell people to hold off for spring summer session right now until we number one, know we can go back to our normal life, and number two, that we have ice.  My gut is telling me mid to end of  April, but if I told you a week ago the state was going to be effectively shut down, any logical person would have scoffed.   Things are very fluid and you just can't make any reasonable predictions.  Those who have dropped off checks, they haven't been deposited and the one person who paid via venmo has already been refunded.


As far as finishing winter session, because of the shutdown, the rink will take a huge financial hit.   We were actually ahead from last year before this occurred.   I don't want to issue refunds, because they would be going to the captains to distribute and doing that when we are locked at home is counterproductive. If that's what you want for your unplayed games, I can still do so.  I would rather schedule the unplayed games when the rink comes back up and I am sure guys would rather play them.  I want to make sure the rink is financially sound, because without our rink, we would be going through bigger withdrawals than we are now.  We might go with a shorter summer session and start obviously later.   I have a lot of hockey to make up and its only been a couple weeks.


I think once this is all over, people will appreciate things more and not take things for granted, and then after a few weeks we can go back to being our same asshole selfs once again.


I will keep everyone posted as things roll in, and please feel free to shoot me any questions you still have.


Stay safe!


If you want to get on the free agent list, please email me at


Its $3,800 for the Spring/Summer season.  18 Games  $1000 due by April 1st in order to be scheduled.   Season starts April 13th and $2000 due by first game.  The rest is due by May 15th.  You can post date checks out to June 1, that's it.    Checks can be dropped at the rink, mailed to the rink 1421 S. walnut  South Bend, IN 46619   I also set up an VENMO account which is free vs the 3% paypal charges us      Venmo is is setup as Jeff-Sax or under my facebook account.  

A and B are going to be combined.  C division, D and Rec

Send rosters to Michelle and myself.    Michelles email is

New rules the refs will enforce and will hopefully cut down on the Bullshit cry babys and usual assholes.

 1. All unsportsmanlike infractions will be an automatic 5 minute penalty, and the 2nd unsportsmanlike will get you ejected from the game.    

2. When a penalty is called, the play will stop and the game will wait until the ref writes down the name of the person receiving the penalty and the infraction.   Once the penalty is entered onto the score sheet play will resume and the puck will drop.

Captains with special scheduling requests should reach out to michelle and Chris and explain why there is a request.   We will do our best to accommodate these requests, but no promises.  Players on several teams will have to accept that some games at times could overlap.   

Game cancellations should all go through the rink, not me.   If you are short guys please get subs.   We have several people who are multiple teams who are always looking for extra ice.  Use them!!!!

The rinks schedule is online now and public.       <------- Please bookmark this.      Anything highlighted is taken.   There is free ice between now and the season start.  Call either Michelle or Chris to pick up ice.   Its a minimum $150 an hour.   If you can get 15 guys and charge $10 a person you'll cover it.

There will be some Friday and Saturday night games, not many though.   



If You're looking to get on a team, please email Jeff Sax

Please read the following links

Captains Responsibilities

SBSHL Penalty Definitions

SBSHL Rules and Regulations



Pro shop hours can be found on their website

Please contact the shop with any questions

Jeff Sax

Hockey Commissioner

Phone: 219-898-5705 cell 269-281-4200 work