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Rule Changes

The following rule changes will be enforced this winter season:

  • There will be NO STOP CLOCK during the Fall / Winter session. The only exception is during time outs and injuries. The clock will not stop for any other reason.
  • We will continue to shoot outs. Same format as summer: three shooters, than sudden death if needed. Anyone serving a penalty at the end of regulation IS NOT ELIGABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SHOOT OUT. SUBS ARE ALSO INELIGABLE TO SHOOT.
  • REC LEAGUE ONLY: No slap shots where the blade of the stick comes up higher than the top of the skate boot. If someone should wind up, a high stick infraction is to be called and the puck dropped in the offending teams defensive zone.



                                                           Rules and Regulations

The Ice Box Management reserves the right to institute any rule or policy change it sees fit to facilitate the smooth operation of the league. The Ice Box Management will appoint players from the South Bend Senior Hockey League to be on the Board.  SBSHL follows USA Hockey rules and guidelines with several local league rules.  Any player who has received a game misconduct, along with the team captain, will receive a written notification.



Board members will be selected by the Ice Box Rink Management

  1. Only one person per team will be allowed on the board at one time

  2. A total of no more or less than 5 (five) persons will be on the board at one time

  3. Any member of the SBSHL who has played for at least one year is eligible to be on the board

  4. Referee will be allowed on the board

  5. Ice Box Management are allowed on the board

  6. Any board member can be voted off the board by the board (majority vote) if vote results in a tie the rink general manager will break the tie with the final vote



The role of the board is;

  1. to uphold the Rules and Regulations  of the SBSHL defined by, the board and Ice Box management  and follow through with the disciplines of any SBSHL player who abuses the set rules and/or does not play to the definition of the SBSHL

  2. to monitor, review, and determine whether to uphold suspensions made by referees.

  3. to monitor referee performance to ensure fair play for all teams and players.

  4. to communicate new rules and/or rule changes to captains

  5. to ensure referees understand and comply with the SBSHL rules



The board may, at its discretion, take action on any player in the SBSHL if the board feels (by majority vote) the player in question is abusing the set rules and/or is not playing to the definition of the SBSHL.


1.      Players must be at least 18 years old and completed their senior year season of High School hockey or graduated to participate in the league

2.      Only rostered Senior League players are permitted to participate in league games

3.      If a team has fewer than 9 players at game time, they may invite another rostered senior league player from that division or lower to play for them.

4.      If a team plays with non-rostered players, those players must be from the same division or lower.




A – Open to all ages

B – Competitive,

C – Not capable of playing higher

Rec – New to the game, Must attend or have attended a Boot Camp (must make more than 50% of sessions)

There will be no slap shots allowed in the rec league. If player want to use the slap shot they need to move up into a higher division.


           This League is a “non-checking” league. If you don’t wish to comply, don’t participate. A minor, major or game misconduct penalty will be assessed, if the officials deem the body check as intentional. Angling a player off the puck is permissible.

Minor Penalty

This is the least severe type of penalty and is called when minor infractions are made such as; tripping, stick infractions such as slashing a player or player’s stick, or holding an opponent. A minor penalty results in the offending player being sent off the ice for two minutes. In the case of a goalie having a minor penalty called against them, another player from the offending team that is on the ice at the time of incident, and is chosen by the captain, serves the penalty for the goalie.

•           Called against: Offending Player

•           Served by: Offending Player

•           Duration: 2 minutes


Double Minor Penalty

A “double minor” may be called if the referee determines the act was deliberate or more severe such as, drawing blood during an offence that would normally only warrant a minor penalty, or an intentional deliberate, hard slash that causes damage to the player or equipment. A double minor results in two minor penalties being served consecutively, lasting up to four minutes.

•           Called against: Offending Player

•           Served by: Offending Player

•           Duration: 4 minutes


Bench Minor Penalty

This is a penalty called against either a player on the bench or the coach/manager for an offence such as interfering with the game or using profanity. The Captain designates a player from the ice to serve the penalty, leaving the offending team short-handed.

          Called against: Player on the bench/Coach/Manager

•           Served by: Designated player on the ice

•           Duration: 2 minutes


Major Penalty

A major penalty is called against a player for offences more serious than those warranting a minor penalty. The most common forms of major penalties are for a deliberate check, or fighting. A major penalty may be called for an offence that would normally only result in a minor if the player openly and/or deliberately disobeys the rules or if their act results in injury to another player.  The referee may also impose a Game Misconduct depending on the severity of the act.  A Game Misconduct means the offending player must leave the game immediately and may not return to that game.  A major penalty results in the offending team being short-handed for the full 5 minutes, with no chance for reduction due to scoring.

•             Called against: Offending Player, including a goaltender

•           Served by: Offending Player

•           Duration: 5 minutes – full time is served regardless of goals scored by the opposing team.


Misconduct Penalty

A misconduct penalty is one called against the player, meaning that the team is not forced to play short-handed as an immediate substitution is allowed. For the first offence the player (excluding goaltenders) is ordered off the ice for ten minutes and an immediate substitution is allowed. The player can re-join the game upon the first stoppage after the ten minutes has expired. The second incidence of misconduct by any player (including the goaltender) in the same game, warrants an immediate game misconduct penalty being called.  A game misconduct means the player is immediately removed from the current game with no chance to return.

•           Called against: Offending Player (can include goaltender if second offence).

•           Served by: Offending Player/designated player if goaltender’s first offence

•           Duration: 10 minutes (1st offence), rest of game (2nd offence)


Game Misconduct Penalty

A game misconduct penalty results in the offending player being ordered off the ice and to the dressing room for the remainder of the game. Game misconduct penalties are not only awarded for particular offences on the ice, but may also be automatically awarded following certain types of major penalties, after the second calling of a misconduct penalty against the player or after having several minor or double minor penalties called against the player. An official report must also be reported to the SBSHL Disciplinary Board for review.

•           Called against: Player on the ice, including goaltender

•           Served by: Offending Player

•           Duration: Rest of game

Match Penalty

A match penalty results in the player being immediately ordered off the ice and to the dressing room for the rest of the game, with the offending team being short-handed for 5 minutes.  The Captain may designate any player on the ice or bench to serve the 5 minute penalty time. An official report must be filed after the game and reported to the SBSHL Disciplinary Board for further review.  The Offending Player in suspended from playing any additional games until a Disciplinary hearing has taken place or the stated number of suspended games has been served.  This penalty can be called against a goaltender – leading to serious consequences for the offending team.

•             Called against: Offending Player, including goaltender

•           Served by: Offending Player

•           Duration: Rest of game



                          Minor Two minutes running time.

                      Double Minor Four minutes running time.

                      Major Five minutes running time

                     Misconduct Ten minute running time for offending player, team plays at full strength

           (If a two minute and a misconduct are called at the same time the misconduct begins at     the conclusion of the minor penalty)

           Game Misconduct offending player is immediately ejected from the game.  Another        player from the team must serve the penalty in place of the ejected player.

           Goalie Penalty The goalie remains in play.  A player that was on the ice at the time of       the penalty must serve the penalty for the goalie.

           Coincidental Two minutes running time.  Both teams play at full strength, both players     are released upon next whistle after expiration of the 2 minutes.


The SBSHL follows all USA Hockey rules, with the following local interpretations;


1)         Minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct shall be assessed to any player that:


·         openly disputes or argues about any decision made by an official


·         Uses obscene or vulgar language, including swearing, in a boisterous manner whether or       not directed at any one individual.


·         Visually demonstrates any sign of dissatisfaction with an official’s decision.  If such            player persists in any of these behaviors they shall be assessed a Major penalty. Further           misbehavior will result in a game misconduct.


2)         Penalized players will report directly to the penalty box. Failure to do so will result in additional penalties including a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, followed by Major and finally a game misconduct. Game misconducts will include one additional game suspension.


3)         Unsportsmanlike conduct to the facility property, on or off the ice, will not be tolerated and will result in immediate suspension from participation in further league play. Suspensions will range from one game to the remainder of the session, depending upon the severity of the incident


4)         Touching or threatening an official is prohibited. Violations will result in suspension from participating in league play up to permanent expulsion. Verbal abuse of the officials will result in a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct followed by a Major then game misconduct.


5)         Fighting is prohibited. Players who engage in fighting will be immediately ejected from the game and suspended from further participation in league play. Suspensions will range from five games up to the rest of the session or permanent expulsion, depending upon the severity of the infraction. Players will be notified by SBSHL Disciplinary Board of the length of their suspension.


6)         Players that do not separate when ordered by the officials will receive unsportsmanlike conduct minor penalties in addition to whatever penalties have already been incurred. Continued misbehavior will result in a misconduct penalty followed by a game misconduct (ejection from the game) if the behavior persists. Game misconducts will also carry a one game suspension


7)         Players who do not obey the instructions of an official will receive a misconduct penalty. Further refusal on the player’s part to comply with the official’s instructions will result in a game misconduct. Game misconducts will include one additional game suspension.


8)         Persistence in undesired or poor behavior will result in a misconduct penalty followed by a game misconduct if the abuse continues. Game misconducts will include one additional game suspension.




               3 Minors in a game                                                      = Game misconduct

           2 Double Minors in a game                                         = Game Misconduct

           1 Double Minors and 2 Minor in a game                    = Game Misconduct

           1 major and 1 Minor in a game                                   = Game Misconduct


All incidents involving Game Misconduct will be reviewed by the SBSHL Disciplinary Board.




Nothing written or implied prevents the SBSHL Board from permanently removing a player from the league.


All incidents involving Game Misconduct will be reviewed by the Board.


The board will not overrule any call made by a referee during a game but does reserve the right to review suspensions


To review misconducts, game misconducts, major and match penalties assessed by the referee for accurate rule interpretation


The board at its sole discretion may assess a game or games suspensions for behavior, both on and off the ice, which we believe is detrimental to the league. These penalties will include, but not limited to penalties for abuse of officials, abuse of the facilities or Ice box personnel, or other action from time to time we determine warrants such discipline. If the Board imposes this type of penalty the player involved will be invited to meet with the Board to discuss the reason the penalty was assessed


Action sequence for players receiving game misconducts taken is as follows:


First offense = Meet with the player in question along with the team captain and issue a warning along with a review of the league definitions


Second offense = an automatic 3 game suspension above and beyond any (if any) suspensions already given (by referees) without refund.


Third offense = Removal of the player from the SBSHL without refund for the remainder of the season, number of games may be defined if incident happens within the last month of a season


The SBSHL Disciplinary Board will hold a meeting once a month to meet with players who have had a game misconduct




The SBSHL Disciplinary Board may require players that have been suspended to meet with the Board prior to being reinstated for play


·         Offenses do carry over from season to season,

·         players who are repeat offenders year in year out but never make it to a third offense be    reviewed by the Board


For example, if the player in question has been disciplined for a second offense during winter 2014/2015 season, the player would be a first offender the following 2014/2015 winter season








Most important responsibility of all captains is to the safety of all players.


1.         Attend the Captains meeting.

2.         Ensure all players are roster with the following information required

3.         (Full Name- DOB- E-mail- Phone- skill level)

4.         All players have signed a SBSHL waiver.

5.         Let opposing team and referee know that you will be using subs

6.         Ensure any subs are from the same division they are playing in or below.

7.         Only player to interact with referees in regard to any call made by an official

8.         Ensure League fees are paid.


The SBSHL expect our captains to set the example of how to act and play while leading their teams on the ice


Most important responsibility for all Referees’ is to the safety of all players.

All SBSHL referees must either be USA Hockey Level 1 certified OR take the USA Hockey Level 1 open book exam (exam will be made available by Ice Box Management)




The SBSHL does not condone the use of Alcohol or controlled substances of any kind prior to participating in any league play. No alcohol will be allowed on benches during match play. Captains may be penalized for such infraction. Players who are found to be intoxicated will be immediately removed from league play and will not be allowed to return to league play until the captain and the player meet with SBSHL board.  


                                               Pre-game Ice maintenance

No players or pucks will be allowed on the ice while the gates are open or the Zamboni is on the Ice. Teams that violate this rule will be assessed a 2 minute penalty to be served by the captain.